13/06/2016 – Red Deer People-Fun Fun Fun (2016)

Brighton Noise team up with Red Deer People, The Emperors of Ice Cream and Lunar Quiet for a gig at Marwoods this weekend



So 2016’s European Championships are well under way. The summer is officially here.  If football isn’t your thing, or you’ve lost interest due to England’s ejection, JOKING, then Sunday at Marwood’s in Brighton might be your thing!



Those audio deviants Brighton Noise have put together another programme of forward thinking local talent. The first name on the bill is Lunar Quiet. Not much is known about these guitar bothers apart from they play fast, and after we saw them at this year’s The Great Escape their live shows are incendiary! Next up are The Emperors of Ice Cream. This quartet have been making a racket for a while now, but it wasn’t until last year’s Picture Pout/Small Time Hero 7” that is all started to make sense. They sound like a pub rock band that plays in 13/5 time and doesn’t care whether you like it or not. It’s loud, abrasive and thanks to their tongue in cheek lyrics, very funny. This is exactly what you need on a Sunday night!



The headliners are the Red Deer People. Sounding like British Sea Power covering Kraftwerk while Kurt Stenzel produces, their brand of driving showgazing Motorik needs to be heard live to be believed! Like TEoIC lyrically they have their tongue firmly in their cheek and use surreal imagery to get their message and vision across. Lyrics likes “He’s permanently looking for the fun, fun, fun, Like a fly round a light bulb when all he wanted was the sun, And I know it’s hot, but it never hits the spot” and “I haven’t read that book since I was fourteen, And ten year later now Holden seems – such a whiny little thing, He’s so unimpressed with everything”. As they only appear to release songs in April we might have a wait until their next single, so you better catch them while you can!



Tickets can be bought from the link below


















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