12/06/2016 – Jupiter Cats-A Disengagement Party (2016)

Jupiter Cats unveil the first offering from their debut album to an unsuspecting world



London’s post-pop duo Jupiter Cats are a music fans dream and nightmare. They make music inspired by their collective loves. Rock, ska, pop, hip-hop, funk and indie are all liberally poured into a blender and pulsed for an hour until everything is a kaleidoscopic gloop. Then it’s decanted into luridly shaped baking trays and bunged in the oven until they look done. The main selling fact is that this noisy duo keep their identities hidden under garishly knitted balaclavas, but we have our ideas about who they really are…



Jupiter Cats are now on the brink of releasing their debut album, The Truant through Foof Records, and a teaser single, A Disengagement Party, has just recently been released. At four and a half minutes this mutated post-pop gem surges and skews around twisted melodies and avuncular rhythms, much like the Thames does through London, until it reaches its (ill)logical conclusion. Basically it’s big loud, proud and fun.



However A Disengagement Party jumps around from sounding like George Harrison’s Something, War’s Low Rider and Del Shannon’s Runaway so much its hard to get what the song is really about. While this is great as they are all bangers, as it keeps us on our collective toes and stops the song from getting boring and formulaic, after repeat listens though you feel that Jupiter Cats, and the song, would be better to keeping to just one genre and style and nailing that, rather than showing how diverse their psychic record collections are.



Saying that everyone here at thisyearinmusic is waiting with baited breath for the release of The Truant as we can’t wait to hear what Jupiter Cats come up with next, and more importantly if they can match their creative ideas.



A Disengagement Party is released as a free download on June 17th via Foof Records
















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