11/06/2016 – ILLingsworth-I Didn’t Ask For This (2016)

ILLingsworth releases the album he’s been hinted at for years



The suns out, kind of, so that means I was light, bouncy music to listen to while I watch the Euro’s muted. I did start off with some Shostakovith and Tavener, but this didn’t really work out, as the pace of the football was faster than the tempo of the music. Then, after some digging, I decided to put on ILLingsworth’s latest longplayer I Didn’t Ask For This.



As expected from one of Detroit’s greatest hidden talents, ILLS showcases not only his deft production touches and flourishes but his ability to spit some sick rhymes. As ILLingsworth explains “these are weird songs that no one asked for. people forget i rap and sometimes i do to. this is a step towards changing that. i wrote all of the raps that i recite and i made these beats. everyone else who raps on this project wrote their own raps. we’re racist against ghosts = we don’t use ghostwriters but we probably wouldn’t mind being paid to BE ghostwriters lol” So that explain that then.



The beats are as hard as Ben Davies tackle and the lyrics are as tight as Switzerland’s defence! While all of I Didn’t Ask For This is a pure joy to listen to ILLS save the best till last. Title track really ramps up ILLS’ lyrical prowess and sense of humour. Lyrics like “see all my customers bought it, with this uncomfortable logic, you’ll be able to run for republican office” shows he’s swallowed and digested the rhyming dictionary. “change your diet up, next week, don’t fry it up, matter fact you should eat less meat, meditate, less tweets” is a prophetic waring for all us who take ourselves too seriously!



Yes we never asked for this, but we’re sure as hell glad you delivered it!
















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