09/06/2016 – Lum-Boy Bye (2016)

Lum’s remix of club blanking perfectly sums up life in a post-modern world



Lum’s credentials speak for themselves. Being part of the Bedroomer collective with Swim Good, Eytan Tobin and Hudson Alexander, Lum is well versed in DIY electronic, bass house and generally everything termed experimental pop. Boy Bye has all this in spades. OK, OK Boy Bye ultimately is a remix of Beyoncé’s Sorry, but this feels more like a re-work, or a cover in places. Chillout chimes get everything going before delicate pop vocals start to tell a story about being in a club, seeing someone you don’t want to, blanking them and then trying not to think about them while thinking about them. It’s something we’ve all done and received.



While this internal monologue goes on the music chops and blips about with surging bass and Trap-esque beats. But this isn’t the best bit. Underneath this there are intricate synth and keyboard loops, motifs and riffs kicking about. Some follow through form start to finish, while others mutate and skew through its two and a half minutes and others just appear for a moment only to vanish without a trace straight after.
















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