08/06/2016 – Exam Season-A Pretty Song (2016)

Exam Season look set for their recorded and live debut on June 10th thanks to TRNS



We’ve all been there. After a prolonged period of time we find ourselves living back at home. Sometimes it’s after uni finishes, the breakdown of a relationship or, sadly, after the death of a parent. Most of us try and grin and bear it and count down before we can move out again. Ed Watson decided to write some songs about it.



Under the guise of Exam Season Watson wrote five songs that make up their debut EP Mostly Home. These songs are about having a teenage mentality, even though you aren’t a teenager and, as Watson explains, “still getting publicly pissed off with banal things like coach services. Realising that lifelong friends do grow apart, and realising that the concept of a childhood home doesn’t last forever.” These are all things we’ve been through, but most of us don’t express them so eloquently and with as gleeful pop exuberance, as shown on lead track A Pretty Song.



After an intentional stuttering start and a peel of feedback, A Pretty Song kicks in proper and a lusciously soaring melody grows and swells around us as galloping drums and driving bass propel the song. However it isn’t until the chorus when everything comes together and the song goes up a notch. To call it wondrous doesn’t really do the song, or word justice, but I’m going to call it that as, like the jangly rhythm, it just fits perfectly.



Mostly Home is released on June 10th through TRNS Records. They also make their live debut on 10th June at Winchester in Bournemouth supporting Elvis Depressedly.
















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