07/06/2016 – Yellow6-Springsun (2016)

Yellow6 team up with Silber for a slab of lurid ambient post-rock



Picture the scene…



It’s 5 o’clock. You’ve just finished work. On your way home you swing by the beach*. You sit on the front and watch people on the beach sun bathing, paddling, throwing balls for dogs and the waves as they hit the beach. You hear the slam of the waves on the beach and their roar as the sea goes out again. In the distance you see people having a BBQ and you get a gentle waft of the smoke. You start to walk along the prom enjoying your free time, not thinking about anything and living in the moment. Then you start to hear snippets of music drifting towards you, but you can’t see the musicians. You decide to walk on until you find the band. The music start to become clearer.



On the horizon you see a guy with a guitar, but that can’t be what you’re hearing as its just one guy, and the music you hear is layered complex. But as you get nearer you realise that what you are hearing is coming from just one person. As he works his guitar an ethereally layered sound sweeps over you. Melodic riffs swirl around heavy slabs delay and reverb. At times it reminds you of the Dead Man soundtrack as motifs and riffs continually appear and reappear. After what seems like a minute, but is in fact ten, the song ends, the guy packs up and moves along the prom. You sit on the nearest bench and contemplate what you have seen. Then, like something from a dream, the faint music starts up again as you stare at the sea whilst being drenched by the last rays of the sun.















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* or park if you are land locked


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