06/06/2016 – Gnucci-Ultimate Syndrome (2016)

Gnucci delivers another slice of tongue in cheek pop



“Hey you’ve got to hear this new Gnucci track Ultimate Syndrome which featurs Tami T” a friend said to me. “Alright, but I’m busy now” I replied. A day or so later they asked “What did you think of that track I sent you?” Sadly I hadn’t played it, but I felt bad that they’d chased me so I immediately did. After thirty seconds I felt like a dick that I hadn’t played it immediately!



Ultimate Syndrome opens with chimes that wouldn’t be out of place in the Legend of Zelda, Ultimate Syndrome then skews into kind of wonky-electro-pop that has put Activia Benz on the map. Gnucci’s opening lines “Don’t you want a girl with wit and a lot of class? I can talk back, got a smart ass”. This tells you everything you need to know about the song. Soundling like a mixture of Princess Superstar and Lil’ Debbie, Gnucci makes us smile as much as she makes us blush with her hilariously crude rhymes. However it’s when the chorus kicks in, which Tami T handles, when the pop levels are really ramped up to earworm proportions. “I get it all, I get it all boy, Let me be your ultimate girl. What you want, What you want girl, I can be your ultimate boy”.



Ultimately this is the sound of someone who grew up playing Nintendo/Sega games, listening to unadulterated pop and R&B, then decided to mix it all together and see what happens. Luckily this works well, oh so very well, and Gnucci has ended up with something that could be a sleeper hit. But after listening to this on a loop for an hour I just want to play Zelda or Golden Axe, it’s just a shame its 25 degrees outside and glorious sun. Oh well, that’s why we have curtains right?
















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