05/06/2016 – Maps and Diagrams-Sea Dragons (2016)

The sun is rising. I can see it slowly getting brighter outside, as the light slowly climbs the house opposite. This is that special time of the morning when only a few people are awake. Some have chosen to do this, others have had this honour thrust upon them. It’s a times like this when you feel that anything is possible and, dare I say, magic is still in the air. Looking out the window I see the early morning dog walkers, or are they Neanderthals walking their Pleistocene Epoch beasts.



These are the thoughts that run through my head as I listen to Maps and Diagrams lead track Sea Dragons, from their new EP Tango, released through Handstitched*. The music is hauntingly ethereal. Drone chimes open the track until woozy synths wash over us, like the first warming rays of a new day. As Sea Dragons progresses the electronic influences come to the fore, until it sounds like some an internet dial up tone from another dimension before slowly fading out as effortlessly as it started.



Tango is released on July 1st through Handstitched* Records













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