04/06/2016 – Native Ray-Talking’s A Pain (2016)

Brighton Noise put on another night of forward thinking electronics



In March Brighton Noise put on a night at The Prince Album. For those who turned up it was a night full of intriguing conversations, delicious local ale and of course excellent music. The headliner was Merlin Tonto, the undisputed heavy weight champions of Brighton’s music scene and the support, who are not slouches either, was made up by INWARDS and VCOADSR. Long after our collective ears, and the PA stopped ringing we knew we’d seen something memorable!



But that was the past. Let’s look to the not too distant future. This coming Friday, June 10th, Brighton Noise are back with another strong line up. Septillion J is first up. Give his recent support slot at Merlin Tonto’s EP launch this looks like a set for those who want to dance. Don’t expect any breaks in his tight, techno influenced set. Next seen one third of Merlin Tonto, under the pseudonym Japanese Sweets, give a rare solo performance. If you like eerie electronics, this one is for you.



The headliners are Native Ray. Those of you familiar with Hypnorized and Polymers know what to expect, for the rest of you this duo deliver multi layered electronica with an ear on the dance floor. While they are just finding their feet live, on record, or MP3 they have it all worked out. Imagine Raymond Scott working with Add N to (X) and you’re on the right track!



The doors open at 8, or 20:00 is you are of a military persuasion. Tickets are available from the link below as well as a limited number on the door on the night.


















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