03/06/2016 Ani GLASS-Y Ddawns (2016)

Ani GLASS shows us how life could be on new electro-pop single



So it’s Friday. Phew! Another week is over and the weekend is about to commence, so let’s listen to something that sums up our collective feeling of euphoria and expectation. Today’s go to track is Y Ddawns by Welsh electro-pop producer and singer Ani GLASS.



As the title suggests this is a Welsh language pop song, but translated it means The Dance. Loosely translated the song is about downing tools in the factory and going out and enjoying life and art. Throwing off the shackles of the mundane and escaping into a technicolour pop world and, well, dancing. The music is in keeping with the industrial nature of the lyrics as the beat and rhythm sounds like the pumping of the pistons and clanking of machinery, but there is the pop sheen to it with catchy keyboards, driving basslines and Glass’ soaring vocals.



Glass has recently collaborated with artist Ivor Davies and she is currently working on an EP based on his work. This is a project that both excited and intrigues, but hopefully we won’t have to wait long before its results are revealed. But I’ll leave the final words to Glass herself “Wyt ti’n gaeth i’r teimlad? Wyt ti’n glwm i’th ffawd? Wyt ti’n ofn y dyfo”














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