02/06/2016 – Modern Studies-Dive Bombing (2016)

Modern Studies make chamber pop the likes of which you have only envisioned



When you witness Modern Studies live the first impression, before they’ve played anything, country and western. This is because they all wear matching embodied denim shirts and wear cowboy boots. You expect them to make a kind of indie-country. But when the start to play you realise, very quickly, that this is entirely wrong as Modern Studies make gorgeous chamber pop.



The crux of Modern Studies charm is the Victorian harmonium. This is the heart and soul of the band. As it delivers flawless melodies it also creaks and wheezes, giving the songs a living feeling, that at any moment it could break/die and the song will come to a premature end. This is most heard on lead single Dive Bombing.



Dive Bombing is a dream, sumptuous and pensive slice of indie-pop built around the Victorian harmonium. Beautiful instrumentation and Emily Scott’s delectable vocals waft over us like an ocean spray. This is more than just a clever ploy on the title. Modern Studies debut album Swell to Great was recorded in a Perthshire studio so the sea features heavily.



As Swell to Great isn’t released for a few more months let’s hope that there are more songs to come to whet our whistles for what should be one of the highlights in a year full of highlights!



Swell to Great on the 12th September through Song, by Toad Records













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