01/06/2016 – Baishe Kings-Pennies (2016)

Baishe Kings remind us why we got excited about them in the first place on new mixtape SuperKush



“I can see the see, can you see the wave? Oh my days, trying to find a rave” is one of the first lyrics you hear on Baishe Kings’ new mixtape SuperKush. If you’ve never heard of South London’s best kept Hip-Hop secret, this tells you everything you need to know. Their lyrics are filled with these subtle lines that mix England’s past with its present. Oh my days was a line I grew up hearing every day and after I turned twelve I heard about raves most day, but until this exact moment I’ve never heard the two together. If you are a fan of everything Baishe, then this line will make you smile as you know they haven’t lost any of their charm and comic timing.



If this is your first time listening to the Baishe Kings, don’t try and force it and follow everything from start to finish, as you’ll miss some amazing name drops and beats. Instead just let it wash over you, but keep an ear open for some reference that seems tailor made just for you. While the lyrics are the heavy weight title main event, to use a Baishe wrestling reference, the music is definitely worthy of a ladder match or intercontinental title match. The beats are laid back with inventive samples that pop and fizz in the background, rather than banging and slamming in your face. If you think Tricky and Prince Paul you’re on the right track. In fact SuperKush sounds like the Baishe Kings only had the Tricky vs. the Gravediggaz EP as kids and decided to make music that sounds like it.



But enough about the music what about the all-important lyrics? If I was to list all the amazing rhymes on SuperKush this would just be an annotated lyrics sheet. Instead I’ll pick out a few that made me smile. Pennies contains a lyric that sums up Baishe Kings, and no it’s not about wrestling! “Hmm Bop, that’s Hanson. HA! That samples Hanson” gets spit, but there is almost a lack of belief that they’ve firstly sampled Hanson and secondly got away with it! You can almost hear him corpsing as he delivers it. Pennies also features the line “Ip dip dog shit, your boss is an idiot” takes a playground rhyme, but subverts it so that it applies to everyone’s feeling about their boss. Paperboy has the surreal line “Paper, paper, paper, big boy paper. A4 paper”.



As this is Baishe Kings have already released an album and two mixtapes so far this year, the quality on SuperKush is pretty high and consistent to what’s come before. This is only downside with the release. If these songs have just been gathering virtual dust why weren’t they released before, but if the deck is being cleared, when is the new ‘new’ material out? This will be answered in due course. And that’s the bottom line as the Baishe Kings say so!













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