31/05/2016 – Inmiriam-The Soul Does (2016)

Inmiriam’s brand of post-pop is a joy to behold



Pop songs are generally written about love and loss. These are the themes that have always excited audiences and delivered that big emotional punch. “I love you, and can’t live without you” is something that has been retold and packaged since pop music started. London based InMiriam has other ideas.



Instead InMiriam has decided to write a suite of songs that explores themes of addiction and faith. And what’s more, on lead single The Soul Does, she doesn’t use any beats. OK, ok, near the end there is a little bit of percussion, but compared to her peers, this is a beatless wonder!



Opening with just vocals and swaying synths The Soul Does sounds somewhere between Imogen Heap, Julee Cruise and Karen Carpenter. Everything is ethereal and lucid. However its InMiriam’s lyrics that really pack the punch. During the chorus she croons “But the soul does, what it needs to do, always, always” then she sings “And it can live without you, and it will, when it has to” you realise that this is experience talking and not some polite poetic story.



This is an EP to get excited about as it ignores pop’s very structured codes and conventions and goes off piste to forge its own path.



InMiriam is playing the Winemakers Club in Clerkenwell on July 3rd.















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