30/05/2016 – †ORM -Dust (2016)

Torm showcases more from his Gothic Electro box of tricks



In the last few weeks Witch House/Gothic Electro producer †ORM has appeared from nowhere and released a trio of EP’s and a mini album. The music contained on Ch∆rli∑, W∆iting, Blood in Your Eyes and now Perception isn’t anything new, Witch House has been around for almost a decade now, but it does slightly shake up the genres codes and conventions to create something new and exciting.



Throughout Perception rumbling basslines, abject sounding synths envelope you and a brooding menace makes takes hold. It all sounds like a bonus track on the Terminator soundtrack. Whilst listening to it you feel that at any moment you door will be kicked in and you will be asked where Sarah Connor is. Opening track Dust typifies this more than any other on the EP. Title track Perception and No Way follow this blueprint perfectly. At times you feel the tacks are going to topple over under the weight of their beats and trembling basslines. Shadows takes a slightly more ambient route, but not by much however. The sound of neon light bulbs flickering, synth stabs and the sound of steam shooting out of pipes, but glitched up, as all we have for seventy five seconds. There is a line on †ORM’s website that says “We live in a big circle but we are afraid to go out because we do not see light.” Shadows is the musical equivalent of this totem.



It appears that †ORM is on a roll. How much longer it will last we can only guess, but as long as he keep pulling out gems like this from his box of tricks he’ll keep his numbers of ever growing fans very happy, or gloomy depending on their perception.
















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