28/05/2016 – Sasha Siem-Swan (2016)

Post-Pop chanteuse Sasha Siem returns another offering from her new EP



Last year an album was released. It was wasn’t met with a fanfare, but it got great reviews in the right places. The album was Most of the Boys and its author was Sasha Siem. On Most of the Boys Siem showcased her ability to mix pop hooks, with industrial sounding percussion and classical leanings. This shouldn’t come as a surprise given Siem’s classical background, but her ability to sound like a mixture of Kate Bush and Nick Cave at the same time covering Tom Waits was.



Siem is now gearing up for the release of her new EP Bird Burning. Earlier in the year she released the conventional, well conventional for her, single Crow. It was three minutes of haunting vocals, chilling strings and evocative lyrics. Business as usual then. Now she has released Swan. At just over ninety seconds it doesn’t mess around getting to the points. Wonky beats, intersperse a stark musical score that perfectly matches Siem’s ethereal vocals and story of love.



The Burning Bird is released on June 17th via Blue Plum

















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