27/05/2016 – Las Aves-N.E.M. (2016)

Las Aves have the song of the summer sown up. It’s Mysterious, avant-garde and incredibly listenable!



As if by magic, the weather is getting better, Bank Holiday is just around the corner and French future-pop group Las Aves release their latest single, N.E.M., before their debut album, Die in Shanghai. In short it takes all the best bits of pop, Hip-Hop, electro, avant-garde experimentalism and mixes it up into a sticky ball the repeatedly throws it at your face and pulls it off slowly.  In a weird way Las Aves are a neo version of Bran Van 3000. They encompass everything that has happened musically before, while predicting what is to come.



N.E.M. is loosely based around a simple piano loop and tight beat while Geraldine Baux sings, raps and croons over the top. Amazing lyrics like “It’s a thin line between dangerous and mad, will you be my danger? It’s a thin line before reasonable and sad, and I know you aren’t sad” show that this your average pop group! The basic crux of the song is that her nickname is N.E.M. but it’s cool if you call her that. This might not seem that amazing on paper, but when the hook meets the music it because the ultimate earworm of the year so far. N.E.M. has the potential to be the biggest hit of not just the summer, but year too. It has that metal crossover appeal that very few songs have. I’ve been playing it on loop for the last four hours and I’m not even starting to get bored of it yet!



Basically I’m gutted I don’t have a garden because all I want to do is host BBQ’s and play Die in Shanghai on loop. The only way to get around this is for you to invite me to your BBQ’s so we can just bliss out to Las Aves and eat charred peppers, crispy burgers and grilled halloumi. At this however I’m over not having a garden and I don’t care what you call yourself as long as the music remains this street smart, inventive and catchy!















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  1. keith barratt said:

    I like it. Like a few excellent tunes i’ve heard lately,she seems heavily influenced by M.I.A.,which is of course a good thing,as i think she’s the most important & significant musician of the 21st century.

      • keith barratt said:

        MIA – Les Aves has quite a way to go yet

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