26/05/2016 – Ben Chatwin-Inflexion (2016)

Ben Chatwin returns with two minutes of captivating modern classical



Since dropping the moniker Talvihorros, Ben Chatwin has been pushing his modern classical composition deeper into experimental and slight droney avenues. Last year’s The Sleeper Awakes, released through Village Green Records, proved this. Using H.G. Wells as a back drop he create a selection of music that was chilling and ambrosial in equal measure. But now he has returned with a new album Heat and Entropy, and his first offering has us reaching for the light switch and duvet in equal measure.



Inflexion sounds somewhere between Cristobal Tapia de Veer’s genius Utopia soundtracks, Mogwai on Les Revenants mode and a slowed down creepy Yann Tiersen demo. The melodic chimes are underpinned by haunting swells of synth and eerie bass thuds. The octopod cover is fitting, as anyone who has ever watched them move and swim can vouch. They move elegantly through murky depths, vanishing when they think danger is near, only to re-appear at the opportune moment. This is what Inflexion does. It slowly makes itself known and mesmerises you with its chiming beauty, then suddenly it reaches a sucker filled arm at out and the terror freezes you.



While Inflexion doesn’t give a great deal away of what Heat and Entropy will eventually sound like, and it leaves more questions than answers, it is safe to say that Chatwin’s brand of dystopian chamber music is as infectious as it is unsettling. More of the same please!



Heat and Entropy is released July 29th through Ba Da Bing Records















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