25/05/2016 – Posture-I Just Can’t Wait to See My Girl (2016)

Posture’s debut single is an almost perfect slice of summery surfer indie pop



Last a song jumped into my field of vision and I found it very hard to get it out. The song in question was called All Dressed Up Not Dancing by a band called Dog. The rumour was that they were still in school and had the audacity to write one of the best slacker-pop tracks this side of 1996. What was more striking was that they’d dismissed the usual set up of current bands. Their main weapon, apart from their razor sharp wit, was a crappy Casio sounding keyboard. Its plinky plonky tones, juxtaposed with the sound of a guitar amp exploding was nothing short of glorious! Then it all went quiet.



That is until now. Kind of. Sadly Dog is no more. Whether it was put down, or ran away with itself we’ll never know but they are now called Posture. Their debut single, I Just Can’t Wait to See My Girl, is set for imminent release through the Beech Coma singles club. The first main difference, apart from there being an extra member, is the sound. The dour slacker rock has been replaced with sunny surfer indie pop. This makes sense as the summer is about to hit and people want soundtracks for BBQ’s, but there something totally captivating about an epic crap Casio. Lyrically its just as astute, but like the music it feels too easy. Saying that the lyric “She likes my favourite songs” does remind me of conversations with friends about their partners and what they have in common when I was at school and college.



I just need to clarify something before I go any further. I really like this song. Its infectious, poppy and catchy as hell. The chorus immediately jumps in your head, the hooks and melodies are perfect earworms and subtle change of pace at the end if inspired. I can’t wait to play this at BBQ’s and to go to BBQ’s where this will play all through the summer. My main problem is that I heard, and fell in love, with Dog first. If I hadn’t heard Dog this would be utterly perfect and I would argue anyone to prove otherwise. However I did, and I’ve got to deal with it. The B-Side Dreamin’ is unreleased, so maybe that might be my slacker fix. But as Posture say “And that’s how it goes…”



I Just Can’t Wait to See My Girl is released through Beech Coma on May 27th















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