24/05/2016 – Guerraz-Eyes (2016)

Guerraz were the surprise hit at this year’s The Great Escape



One of the best things at festivals is seeing a band or performer that you weren’t expecting and it totally blowing you away. Last weekend I was lucky enough to be at The Great Escape in Brighton and I saw such a band. It was during the Saturday afternoon break. I was at a loss, but knew where I wanted to start the evening, so I had some fish and chips on the seafront. It would have been rude not to, right? Anyway as I was walking back towards town I started to hear some drumming. At first I thought it was one of the many seafront bars putting on a show for their punters, or one of the evening bands warming up. As I turned the bend the drums got louder, but then a guitar was audible too. But I still couldn’t see where this mystery music was coming from. Eventually I saw a small crowd of people and then the band in question. They were set up in front of a closed shop in under the arches.



The band in question was Guerraz. This two piece consisting of Dave Osborne on drums and Thomas Himsworth on guitars make a brand of minimal instrumental noise post-rock that is hard to ignore. Especially when you’re confronted with it out of the blue. During the time I watched them, Osborne’s dance influenced off kilter drumming was unrelenting, but Himsworth managed to intertwine his guitar riffs and licks through and around them. As I was in a rush to make the next show I took down their name and hurried off.



When I started going through my notes the next day I wanted to checkout their tracks online to make sure I hadn’t made a mistake and they were that good. Luckily I hadn’t and I spent a glorious hour listening and re-listening to their music and looking forward to the time I’ll get to see them again. Of course that initial spark of “WTF is this…?” won’t be there, but I am relishing the chance witness their post-rock majesty again!















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