23/05/2016 – Stephen Steinbrink-Building Machines (2016)

Stephen Steinbrink returns with first album in three years



It’s been three years since Stephen Steinbrink released his last album, the soaringly beautiful Arranged Wave, his first digitally recorded album. Now he’s back with Anagrams. Recorded over an eighteen month period in a converted church in Washington. Steinbrink said of the experience “The reverb was inescapable. Having this expansive palette to work with was so thrilling, especially after working in my home studio for so many years”.



While the change in sound is dramatic, the level of song writing remains as consistent as it always has been. Luscious hooks and melodies pull you in before you realise the lyrics are full of melancholic introspection. This has always been Steinbrink’s charm, but now we can head it all clearly. At times it feels like that bit in the Wizard of Oz and Secret Garden when it goes technicolour and everything makes sense.



There is still a few weeks before Anagrams is released, so we’ll have to settle with Building Machines until it is. Luckily this isn’t much of a hardship as Building Machines is a glorious slab of post-pop. There are flourishes of Steve Mason to it, along with the usual Avi Buffalo, The Sunday’s and R.E.M. references. Let’s all rejoice in this beautiful track before the machines take over!















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