22/05/2016 – Neon Deth Cult-Bad Robot (2016)

Neon Deth Cult. The name says it all really



After spending the last three days at The Great Escape you’d think that all I’d want to do today is sit in a darkened room in self-imposed exile. But no. Not a chance. Instead I’m back at it trying to find the best new forward thinking music out there. Today’s offering fits this remit perfectly.



Neon Deth Cult make the kind of music that should only be experienced at high volume in small, dark and sweaty venues full of a throbbing seething mass totally transfixed by what they are seeing and hearing. As the title of the EP suggests these are just demo versions, but in this writers opinion, they’re perfect the way they are. Everything is muddy, distorted and visceral.



Bad Robot gets things going with peels of feedback before a monumental riff kicks in that wouldn’t be out of place on a Kyuss album. Over the next three minutes Neon Deth Cult show us what they’re made of. Musically it’s just a repetition of a few riffs with slight variations. Shaved Apes is more gentle and serene. Clean guitars intertwine with stark drumming before all hell breaks loose and it becomes the soundtrack to the apocalypse. The final track Are We Happy Yet? is basically a jam track that skews and mutates before our very ears. It’s dark, long and very, very, very listenable.



After hearing demos you immediately want to go out and see them live. As they’re based in Australia and I live in the UK this isn’t going to happen for a while. So as a compromise let’s hope that release another batch of doom punk before too long.

















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