21/05/2016 – Natanjah-Hometown Glory (2016)

Natanjah unveils her psychic mixtape on covers EP



For some unexplainable reason everyone at thisyearinmusic is really into covers at the moment. Some have been sublime, Husband Material topping this list, and others have been bizarre, Kevin Rowland I’m talking about you here. Natanjah’s latest release, #Ripoff (Thank You Thoreau), sits somewhere between the two.



#Ripoff (Thank You Thoreau) consists of three songs. David Crosby’s Guinevere, Stephen Stills’ Carry On/Questions and Adele’s Hometown Glory. These songs bear little resemblance to the original versions. Natanjah has stripped the song back to their most basic elements, guitar and vocals, but thanks to the recording they take on a far more intimate vibe. Background surface noises seep into these recordings giving the impression that they are being recorded in a room next to you. Given that Soan Kundanmal AKA SWAIN recorded and produced #Ripoff this shouldn’t be a surprise.



The star of the show is Hometown Glory. Scratchy guitars, lo-fi production and totally unrecognisable Hometown Glory showcases not only Natanjah’s unique and laconic vocal style but her creative vision. At first you don’t realise it’s a cover as everything that made Adele’s a hit has been stripped away and what we’re left with is just a beautiful emotionally charged performance.

















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