20/05/2016 – †ORM-Charlie (2016)

Michigan Producer Torm delivers knockout blow on debut EP



All that is known about †ORM is that he is form hell, well Michigan, and releases a hybrid of Witch House that incorporates Hip-Hip, electronica, Dark Rave, Gloomy House and Grave Wave. While these words individually don’t really mean much, other than †ORM has probably read too much Arthur Machen, musically however they mean something else entirely.



Throughout his debut EP, Ch∆rli∑, †ORM showcases his ability to evoke suspense and unsettling alarm through limited effects. ∆MEN opens with the sound of cutlery being dropped into a bag and rattled, then jittery synths wash over us, rooting us to the spot. After the initial salvo is over, slow rolling anxious beats kick in. This brooding swath is punctuated by a bell that even Hemmingway would shiver at. ∑∑∑ opens with a demonic sounding vocal sample. Sledgehammer betas knock us into shame while eerie synths and something that sounds like a child’s music box really puts the frighteners on us! The star of the show is the title track Ch∆rli∑. At seven and a half minutes it takes its time twisting and turning through dark wave motifs, uneasy ambiences and sinister basslines. But when it gets going it’s a tour de force and reminds you of what Gothic Electro can and should be! †∆urus closes the EP as it started, with creepy electronics and bowl loosening bassline. After the intro †∆urus descends into some awe inspiring dark rave.



Ultimately †ORM makes the kind of music that sounds like JUSTICE covering John Carpenter. Its dark menacing and incredibly listenable! Each beat sounds like a slab of granite being dropped from a great height in a sports hall. The resounding echoes of this gargantuan sound take the form of the synths that billow around us like banshees on a moor. Let’s hope Ch∆rli∑’s follow up isn’t too long in the making as †ORM looks and sounds like the real deal. Be that a very dark, bone chilling one.















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