18/05/2016 – Brodka-Santa Muerte (2016)

Brodka might just be the future of Post-Pop…



What happens if you mix Marianne Faithful, PJ Harvey, Sasha Siem, Nancy Sinatra, Bat for Lashes, Lukki Li and Lana Del Rey? Brodka!



Monika Brodka, or Brodka as she’s known professionally, is a Polish musician who makes delightful alt-pop with an indie twist. Her music evokes her native Poland, but also the UK and American music scenes. Its massive in scope, lavish in sound and literal. On current single Santa Muertre Brodka manages to evoke the feelings of love, loss and redemption, but through hypnotic carnivalesque guitars, soaring strings, pounding drums and a delightful pop-sheen it sounds upbeat and positive, rather than the bleak-fest it easily could have been. This juxtaposition is what made her previous single Horses such a tour de force!



With her fourth album Clashes has just being released digitally, but don’t worry physical fans, as a vinyl version is out in the next few weeks, 2016 is shaping up for Brodka to finally make her mark after skirting the periphery for the last few years. More importantly however is that she’ll be performing at this weekend’s Great Escape in Brighton. This show will be more than an allotted thirty minute slot. It’ll be another chance for Brodka to win over yet another unsuspecting crowd to #TeamBrodka!



Brodka will be playing Coalitation on 19th at 10.30pm and The Hope and Ruin on 20th at 12:30pm. Miss out at your own peril!















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