17/05/2016 – Trudy and the Romance-He Sings (2016)

Three minutes of skiffle soul from Trudy and the Romance



Trudy and the Romance is a name that will stick in your head. Whether it’s for the right or wrong reasons is down to your tastes, but you will remember their name. Musically this trio are all over the shop. A bit of skiffle here, some Louis Armstrong and Tom Waits there, a dollop of the Coral and all wrapped up with a Libertines sounding bow. There is an infectious bounce, which all the best music has, to He Sings that makes it hard to get it out of your head once you’ve heard it. The stand out moment are the instrumental sections. Here the band show off their dextrous musical talents while never boring us through ‘incredible’ riffs and licks.



The two problems with He Sings are that the band influences are far too pronounced and the lyrics feel a tad flat. Instead of subtly teasing us with their collective loves they’ve rammed them down our throats. The inclusion of the skiffle is a nice break from what’s currently happening, but He Sings might have been better as a full on skiffle belter! And the lyrics feel a little two dimensional. This will hopefully change in due course, as Trudy and the Romance are still a relatively new band having only released a few singles. Putting these picayune errors to one side, He Sings is cacophonous, cavernous, carnivalesque and catchy! More of the same please!















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