16/05/2016 – Pink Milk-Detroit (2016)

Pink Milk return with another slab of glacial shoegazing



As far as genres go, Scandi Shoegaze has a certain ring about it. After reading, or hearing it, it conjures up images of semi clad people making a right racket with guitars and effects pedals. Luscious waves of reverb floating atop oceans of choppy drums and eddying bass. Pink Milk’s new single Detroit offers all this and more!



Last year saw Maria and Edward release a cover of Foreigner’s classic I Want to Know What Love Is. It was a slow, broody and very sexy. At times you felt that your windows were frosting over, due to the geliding nature of the music. Detroit on the other hand is far more warming. Immediately the massive drums draw you in until the colossal hooks and titanic melodies swirl about until you are frozen to the spot. While this might not be the furious shoegazing you were expecting, its slower tempo doesn’t take anything away from its intensity.



Despite how it intricate and dense quality the music it, Detroit has a simple story, as the band recently explained “The song is written to a childhood friend. We were kids trying to be cool, smoking candy, blowing fake smoke in the air, dreaming about freedom.”



Rumour has it there is more music in the pipeline for 2016, and after hearing this on loop for an hour I’m glad, as Pink Milk have it and it would be a shame for them to hibernate in a studio when they could be drip feeding up titbits until their album is ready for release.















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