15/05/2016 – The Invisible-So Far (Darkstar Remix) (2016)

Patience, The Invisible’s return is getting closer so let’s all bask in Darstar’s remix until Patience is released!



In less than a month London trio The Invisible will release their third album Patience. If you are unaware of The Invisible then I suggest you rectify this listening to their 2009 self-titled debut and 2012 follow up Rispah. Both albums are chocked full of forward thinking music that somehow merges indie, soul, electronica, gospel and sheer pop.



Over the last few months The Invisible have slowly been drip feeding us information and songs until we are now in a lather for the release date. So far Easy Now, Save You and So Far have been released. Each shows a progression from The Invisibles previous releases, but they still retain everything we’ve come to expect from this powerhouse three piece.



The most recent release is a remix of So Far, which features Jesse Ware on vocals. At first I felt a bit let down, as it wasn’t a new track, or demo, but when I realised that Darkstar were re-working the original I felt less hard done by. In its initial form So Far is a tender ballad about love, rejection and redemption, however in Darkstar’s hands it has been mutated into a chopped up, almost glitchy at times, track with skittering beats and sparse vocals. Its more of re-interpretation than remix. Frontman Dave Okumu recently said “Darkstar’s version is evidence that songs can withstand interpretation. I love how they’ve given the song new meaning by recontextualising it. Dark by name, dark by nature. Big up the north!”















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