14/05/2016 – Squid-Perfect Teeth (Bruised Skies Remix) (2016)

Bruised Skies not only remix, but totally transform Squid!



A month ago Brighton’s ambient jazz post-rock outfit Squid released a song called Perfect Teeth. In six minutes Squid fluidly mixed ethereal synths, Pink Floyd-esque guitars and introverted lyrics to create something that wouldn’t be out of place in a Twin Peaks bar. In a nutshell it was pretty flawless.



Then today, pretty much out of the blue, Squid have released a Bruised Skies remix of Perfect Teeth. Instead of just adding a massive beat or a load of bass wobble, what Bruised Skies effectively has done it pick out pieces of Perfect Teeth that were striking or understated in the original and expanded them. Through selecting these few elements and interweaving them, he has created something new and different. I’m using remix in its loosest term possible though, as what Bruised Skies delivered is part remix, part re-work and part cover.



Rumour has it that both parties are working on new material to be released later in the year, and there are albums in the pipeline. But let’s hope that Squid and Bruised Skies collaborate again in the future, either through split singles/EPs, remixing or even working on something together, as this creative partnership is far from over!
















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