13/05/2016 – Garden Centre-Riding (2016)

Garden Centre team up with Faux Discx for debut album!



While listening to Riding by Garden Centre you might think it sounds familiar. That is because, in a way, it does. Garden Centre is the new project of Max Levy AKA King of Cats. Since winding down KoC , Levy has been quiet and it’s exciting to hear what his new project actually sounds like. On the surface its business as usual, but when compared to last year’s final KoC album Mircowave you realise that things are very different indeed.



Garden Centre isn’t just another Levy solo project, oh no, he’s brought some friends along for the ride too. The band is made up of members of Joanna Gruesome, Towel and Keel Her. Their brand of mercurial idiosyncratic indie pop is a joy to behold, or be-listen. From the opening strains of Riding you get the impression that this is going to be a rip-roaring, sing-a-long jaunt, but as soon you think that, the song takes a massive U-turn and mutates into a slow, introverted number until it’s delightful outro brings everything to a stand still. At time it feels like a Musial version of the film Memento, in that it ends where it should start. But like Memento after you’ve made it to the end and played it again everything makes perfect sense and you wouldn’t have it any other way!



Riding is the first taste from Garden Centre’s self-titled debut album, released 24th june on Faux Discx. The album is loosely based on the experiences and memories of a set of people who used to meet up in an abandoned plant nursery, but as the band say “(they) do not view the lives of these people in an objective or fair way”. If Riding is anything to go by Garden Centre and Faux Discx will have something very special in hands and possibly one of the albums of the year!















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