12/05/2016 – Golden Age-Tinted Windows (2016)

Golden Age hint at their future with new single Tinted Windows



Golden Age are fronted by Sydney Sahr. In the 1970’s her grandfather owned some bars in New York. When his granddaughter was little he used to tell her about the people that frequented them. Some of this must have resonated with her, as new single Tinted Windows is filled with nostalgia and pathos.




“‘Tinted Windows” Sahr said “is about giving in to the pull of an enigma, which is a bittersweet sensation. It’s torturous to give yourself to someone who can’t be vulnerable in return. The lyrics reflect that struggle. But sonically ‘Tinted Windows’ is almost joyous because it feels good to surrender. I think if you’re putting yourself in harm’s way (which is sort of inevitable in love), you might as well go down dancing.”




Musically however Tinted Windows isn’t as interesting as its subject matter. Quiet vocaled verses, are underpinned by brooding synths and subdued drums, then for the chorus there is an explosion of trance-esque keyboards and euphoric sounding vocals. The problem is we’ve heard it all before, and sadly for Golden Age, better. Let’s hope this is just an early blip as, concept wise, they have something about them.
















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