11/05/2016 – Morning Smoke-Waste My Time (2016)

Brighton’s heirs to the Feak City throne Morning Smoke unveil new single and a slew of live dates



Like a hit of Krokodil, Waste My Time by Brighton’s Morning Smoke, gets under your skin and slowly eats you alive. At first you don’t realise that there is anything wrong. Then over time it becomes apparent that something’s wrong as you can’t stop listening to it. Then it suddenly dawns on you. Its past midnight and you’ve been playing Waste My Time for eight hours, and you’ve only just started to understand its deep darkly sardonic meanings. In a nutshell after one listen you don’t stand a chance.




But what is it about Waste My Time that makes it a dark horse for song of the year? Simply put it’s amazing. Walls of post-punk feedback and reverb grab you by the collar and don’t let go until it ends, then gives you a slight respite before grabbing you again for another five minutes! Billowous vocals cut through fugs of guitars and drums, like car headlines through fog on a narrow country lane after midnight. Was that a deer or a shadow you’ll never know, and the same is true for the vocals. You never really get a complete handle on what is being sung, but you get the gist, and it’s this gist that is important. The gist tells us that these are important words and feelings that can only be conveyed by massive brooding music.




If this wasn’t enough Morning Smoke have announced where they are playing at this year’s Great Escape, taking place in Brighton 19th – 21st May. You can catch Morning Smoke at



19th Electric

19th Nowhere Man (Evening Set)

20th The Globe



It can only be a matter of time before this quartet release a follow up to 2014’s In Euphoria and when that happens it’ll be anything but a waste of time!
















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