10/05/2016 – Amorth-Mind Blank (2016)

Italian Witch House from Amorth with a Slovenian flavour!



Amorth is a one man Witch House project from Trieste, Italy. The idea that a coastal city near the Slovenian boarder could be the back drop for some dark Gothic Electro seems unfathomable, but when you start to look at the city it all starts to make sense. The Piazza Unita, the Serbian Orthodox church, the Castello Miramare and the Grand Canal create the perfect backdrop for Amorth’s imagination to run riot.



Hi I Am the Intro Nice to Meet You and Sara sound like a remixes of Brian Eno ambient work outs. Synths envelope you, but the beats and bassline keep everything moving along. There is a cinematic vibe going on too. Basically anything you do while listen to this will be heightened and appear hyper-real. Mind Blvnk is a darkly broody track. Every now and again a catchy hook breaks through the dark ether like sun rays through storm clouds. A Lost Battle and I’ll Tell You Twice and Majestica are CLASSIC WITCH HOUSE! The beats bubble along with hard core Hip-Hop menace, while repetitive droney Gothic synths help to create a skewed soundscape that is epic, euphoric, ethereal and enchanted while never losing sight of its original purpose. Namely to freak you out, but to make you want more! Mind Blank closes with the delicate Mask. This is somewhere between the classic Witch House of A Lost Battle and the Ambient fugs of Sara.



Overall Mind Blank plays out like a lost John Carpenter score. Dark heavy synths rumble along, while being interspersed by low-tempo, almost droney, break beats while a catchy bassline makes everything feel more immediate and, dare I say, poppy. Mind Blvnk is something that you could easily get lost in, but make sure you remember the way, otherwise you could be lost for sometime!
















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