09/05/2016 – Outblinker-Walker Peck (2016)

Outblinker return with new EP. This is good….



Last year I stumbled across a single. Singles don’t changed the world anymore, but this one changed 2015. It was simply titled Pink/Blue and it was by a new band called Outblinker. Pink was eleven minutes of prog infused indie dance. From the opening salvo of electro blips and 8-bit beats, I was locked into the groove until the end, very much like the 10” when it eventually arrived. Blue was a minute longer, but it was exactly the same. From those initial synth throbs there was no escape.



Now Outblinker have returned with a new EP The Remains of Walter Peck. The EP consists of three tracks: Walter Peck, Farrokh Bulsara and Ernest Becker. Like Pink/Blue opening track Walter Peck takes the John Carpenter inspired minimal electro sound, but just keeps layering and layering and layers guitars, drums, bass, synths until it’s a seething proggy, droney love in. Next up is Farrokh Bulsara. Instantaneously the room was filled with a wash of noise, swaths of layered synths, vibrant drums and crashing guitars jumping out at us and it’s hard to fend it off, and eventually we’re overpowered by not only its power, and hidden strength, but by its sheer relentlessness and over the top sound. But considering that it’s named after one of the most flamboyant and powerful singers of the past thirty years it’s not really a surprise is it?



Final track Ernest Becker is eleven minutes of surging bass, guitars swells and an outpouring of synths that make Vangelis’ Soil Festivities feel like a pop song. Throughout its duration you think “It can’t get any denser, can it?” but then a few seconds later Outblinker re-group and like an episode of Batman Ooof you’re sucker punched by a breakbeat and you’re left reeling on some packing crates, in a warehouse all the time being filmed through a dutch tilt camera angel. But none of this that surprising when you look at who was lurking in the back ground. The Remains of Walter Peck was produced by Benjamin Power, he of Fuck Buttons and Blanck Mass fame, which explains its dense use of sound and texture. At times it feels like molasses is seeping over you, and the more you try and free yourself the more you get covered. So don’t fight it.



The most worrying thing about The Remains of Walter Peck is that Outblinker have hinted there is a long player out later in the year. If these three songs didn’t make the cut, what the hell are we going to be given when it finally does drop…?!?



The Remains of Walter Peck is released through Stabbed in the Back Records















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