07/05/2016 – Slugabed-Fuck Station Zero (2016)

Slugabed returns to the Activia Benz for another ilovesingles.club



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again the Acitiva Benz’ ilovesingles.club series is one of the most consistent and forward thinking singles clubs around today. After forty plus releases they are showing no signs of faltering, in both quality and imagination. But what marks the ilovesingles.club out isn’t that they pick the best new and existing talent around, but that they don’t charge for these releases.



The most recent, and forty fifth release sees Activia Benz’ founder and benevolent dictator Greg Feldwick AKA Slugabed returns to the fold, since last year’s hhhowllll. Like hhhhowllll Fuck Station Zero is a slow burner that sounds like Feldwick just plucked the elements out of the ether. The beats are lethargic and lysergic, the bass flows like a lyrical babbling brook, gently caressing our ears as the cool water rushes over our feet.


It’s been four years since Feldwick’s debut album Time Team on Ninja Tune, so let’s hope that its follow up is still in the pipeline. But if Feldwick has retired from long players, let’s hope that he still keeps releasing gentle bangers like this to fill the void!













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