06/05/2016 – SWAIN-Psychic Sister (2016)

Bedroom troubadour SWAIN brings a friend along for the ride on new single



OK, so let’s cut to the chase, SWAIN writes and records lo-fi bedsit pop. It’s so DIY you can hear his floorboards creek during the songs. To some these imperfections would be annoying and distracting, but they are as important as the music itself. So far this year he has released a trio of EP’s, the most recent All My Friends Are Vegan and Complain When I Eat People. As the title might suggest, his lyrics have a tongue in cheek vibe to them.



Now he’s returned, a mere three days later with a new release, Psychic Sister. What marks this apart from his previous work is SWAIN is collaborating. His partner in crime is Natanjah Driscoll. Her vocals perfectly complements and contrasts the music equally. Opening with a stark bass string being plucked while Driscoll croons perfectly over it.



Very much like Caravaggio’s The Musicians, you feel like you are intruding on an intimate moment. You’ve opened the door the SWAIN and Natanjah are leaning in close by a microphone, dextrously using the guitar and their vocals to create something that is beautiful and daring. As you stand there like a lemon, you realise that your presence is now intricate to the recording and as you try and close the door quietly, it creaks and you are forever connected with the recording.



SWAIN’s brand of music isn’t for everyone, but his brazen talent and disdain for conventional recording techniques should be admired as much as his prolific release rate. I’m sure that by the time you finish reading this, he’ll have unveiled his latest opus upon an unsuspecting world. And this is what really matters more than field recordings and in-tune guitars!

















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