04/05/2016 – Trust Fund-Crisps (2016)

No Dice Tapes want to get 2016 back on track with new compilation



2016 has been a mixed bag so far. Lots of celebrities and musicians have died unexpectedly. Leicester City won the Premier League showing that you don’t need to spend the GDP of a small country to be given a silver vase. Those amazing bods at No Dice Tapes have decided to draw a line under this and to try and make the rest of 2016 a sheer classic with the aptly titled 2016: the year all bad things went away and everything turned out to be fine.



Comprising of thirteen tracks from some of the most exciting and forward thinking bands around, 2016: TYABTWAAETOTBF is, as they eloquently put it “Here is a compilation of songs with no clear theme other than that they’re all really good”. And they are right. Nothing really links any of the song other than their brilliance.



Due to the nature of the recordings and bands the music jumps around from full on belters, loop-pop nuggets, lo-fi troubadours, DIY poets and heart-breaking laments. It’s this diversity that gives No Die Tapes and 2016: TYABTWAAETOTBF not only an edge over its peers, but its enjoyment. You aren’t really sure what’s going to come up next, but you are grateful when it does. The standout tracks come from Trust Fund, Garden Centre and Squeakeasy. Trust Fund build on their reputation of releasing honest knells about life in the twenty first century all wrapped up in a 60’s surf pop sheen.



Garden Centre is the new project of Max Levy AKA King of Cats. Since winding down KoC , Levy has been quiet and it’s exciting to hear what his new project is starting to sound like. Ultimately it’s similar to KoC, but there are enough subtle differences to keep us on our toes! Squeakeasy’s offering, Fanta Hunter, sounds like nothing else on 2016: TYABTWAAETOTBF. Fanta Hunter opens with backward loops, Casio beats, childlike lyrics and lo-fi charm. Basically it’s Sparks on a budget!



What’s more all the profits go to the amazing Manchester based Action for Trans Health. What more could you ask for? Great music that goes to a great cause. Let’s hope this compilation is the kick that 2016 needs to get itself back on track!












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