03/05/2016 – Bedtime Stories-Almighty Deities Kissing (2016)

Bedtime Stories showcases his classical side on new single



Earlier in the year French Witch House/Gothic Electronic producer Bedtime Stories released an album called Universes. It was forty six minutes of ethereal synths, laid-back hip-hop beats and everything was doused with a Neo-Gothic vibe. As you listened to the music you could almost see cobwebs forming on your speakers. Now he has returned with a new single Almighty Deities Kissing, but things have taken a slightly classical tilt.



Opening with luscious piano and haunting choral vocals, Almighty Deities Kissing swoons along for just over two minutes before is gradually peters out, just as delicately as it started. This is the perfect soundtrack to a Simon Sharma documentary on either the romantics or the renaissance. It’s just so epic that you need to be looking at a flawless work of art just to do the track justice.



While this isn’t in anyway Witch House, or Gothic Electronic, is it a captivating piece of work that contentiously sends shivers up and down your spine. What Bedtime Stories has effectively done is showcase his talents, not just as a producer and arranger, but as a musician. Songs like this don’t come along very often, and when they do you have to grab them with both hands and hold them close, much like artwork.













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