02/05/2016 – Pyong Yang-Cat Eyes (2016)

Iglooghost unveils new side project. Laidback and quirky as! Business as usual then



Seamus Mal AKA Iglooghost has been a busy boy of late. Not only is he destroying speakers by releasing forward thinking electronic musings, but he’s winning over swaths of people with blistering live sets. Now Mal has a side project called Pyong Yang. As expected its pretty leftfield but bristles with clever productions and Mal’s trademark skewed world view.



Cat Eyes is a slow burner and never really gets out of second gear. This isn’t a dis on Mal as it works fantastically well, however if you were expecting some ear bleeping future bass you might be disappointed. Ultimately Cat Eyes sounds like a mixture of Prince and Tyler, The Creator jam sessions at four in the morning after a night out. You can almost see the dry ice oozing out of your speakers.



Whether Pyong Yang will become a full functioning project, or just a place where Mal can release stuff he’s made that doesn’t quite fit into his Iglooghost remint will remain to be seen. However if this just turns out to be his Barton Fink then that’s cool too.













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