01/05/2016 – Rolando Bruno-Marionetas (2016)

Brazilian Rolando Bruno’s Cumbia psych via NYC’s Names You Can Trust


Sometimes you hear something and while it’s totally removed from your own background you absolutely get it. Brazilian guitarist Ronaldo Bruno started off playing punk, but then decided to explore Cumbia music. Cumbia is dance oriented music that is popular in South America. He took his knowledge of fuzz rock, and combined this with the Latin rhythms to create a hybrid. One on hand it is effectively Cumbia, but on the other it is psych fuzz infused rock.



Bruno recorded Marionetas himself using a backing track and looping his guitar over it. Once he had enough tracks, they were released through the Swiss label Voodoo Rhythm in 2011. Eventually the New York based label Names You Can Trust stumbled upon these recordings and remastered them. Now they are releasing the 7” single Supermercado Chino as the A-Side and Marionetas on the flip. Both tracks are filled with Bruno’s passion of guitar and love of layered madness.


Marionetas is a beautiful burst of audio sunshine that is as perfect at a BBQ as it is at work on a rainy Thursday afternoon.














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