30/04/2016 – SWAIN-Thinkin Bout You (2016)

Bedsit pop just got better thanks to California’s SWAIN!



One thing about lo-fi music that helps sell it to the listener is its immediacy. Due to the nature of the recordings, usually cheap guitars recorded through cheap microphones, they have a ‘found’ or ‘field recording’ vibe to them. This added level of surface noise, be it floor boards creaking, neighbours talking, car alarms or even house mates banging about the noise, help the listener believe that the recordings have been made solely for their pleasure.



California’s SWAIN’s music falls into this category. Since February he has released three scratchly recorded EP that showcase not just his mastery of the guitar, but also his panache at song writing. Each of these nine tracks transports you to a place where SWAIN at arms-length regaling you stories of love loss and redemption.



On his latest EP All My Friends are Vegan and Complain When I Eat People, he’s upped his game. Everything is far more frenzied and immediate. There is a dirty grunge vibes that has hitherto be missing from his previous releases. Simple chord progressions are repeated and repeated and repeated and repeated until they’ve hypnotized you into submission. Thinkin Bout You is the stand out track on the EP.


Basically it’s a song about loss, but not in a ‘woe is me’ or ‘I’m so alone’. SWAIN is basically thinking about an past relationship/friendship, but so much time as past this is isn’t painful. The lyric “I’ve been thinkin bout you, do you think about me still?” sums everything up perfectly. The past still effects his emotions, but as he’s reminded of the past, he questions if they are thinking about him too. This is something that we’ve all thought, at one time or another, but rarely admit not only to ourselves, but to others. Through these times lines SWAIN is discussing the past, present and the future. Not bad for some bedsit pop eh?















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