27/04/2016 – Nathan Melja–No No No (2016)

Nathan Melja joins Ninja Tune’s Technicolour family



When a label gets to a certain size it realises that it can diversify from its original mission statement and create sub labels to cover everything else. One of these labels is Ninja Tune. I’m not going to re-word this to make me sound cool, rather than the rabid fan-boy that I am, but Ninja Tune is my favourite. Always has been and, probably, always will be. This means I’m not as subjective toward its releases as I should be, but they have released a lot of stuff over the years that if I hadn’t been so anal about them I probably would have missed. Nathan Melja is one of these artists. With the ink still drying on his Technicolour, remember those sub labels I mentioned earlier, Melja is yet to put anything out, but his debut No No No EP, is lined up for a May 13th release. No No No takes his over saturated minimal techno to new directions.



Opening with woozy synths and hypnotic samples until a wonky beat and pulsating bassline marches us to the nearest dancefloor by the scruff of the neck for the next few minutes. Whilst listening to No No No, hazy dancefloors, sticky bar areas, surely door staff and finally the first rays of a new day, making us squint as we walk outside all come to mind. At time it’s hard to work out if these are mine, or shared memories, but ultimately it doesn’t matter as the music rises above it all like an early morning ethereal fog on a cold morning.



After hearing this track, Melja should change the name of the EP from No No No to Yes Yes Yes!



No No No is released through Technicolour on May 13th















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