26/04/2016 – Mastodon-White Walker (2016)

Mastodon and Game of Thrones. Perfect combination!



As some of you will know Game of Thrones started up again last night. For those of you who haven’t seen the TV show or read the books, Game of Thrones is an epic saga set a medieval world where various families and individuals are fighting/scheming/duplicitously trying to become King of Queen of this world whilst trying to defeat an army of frozen dead/zombies, called White Walkers, from taking over the whole world. It’s pretty brutal and gory at times, but in a weird way it all seems justified. Basically Lord of the Rings with a bit of religion, loads of swearing and decapitations.



Each series musicians and actors join the rank and file of extras. It’s like a cooler Where’s Wally. Last year saw Prog-Metal band Mastodon join this illusive club. How could they not with a name like that right? They were part of the White Walker hoard that appeared near the dramatic end of the series. To mark this occasion, they wrote a song called White Walker for the inclusion of a free mixtape. The song proved to be a hit with fan so earlier this year they released a sweet double sided picture disc.



Musically it’s a departure from Mastodon’s face melting brand of hypnotic progressive metal. In the past intricate heavy riffs have been interspersed with lyrics about white wales, wolves, space and Russian Czars. White Walker on the other hand is a slow and sombre number that is built around drummer Brann Dailor’s haunting vocals. As the song progresses the intensity builds until it reaches a beautiful zenith and then the outro gradually starts.



If you haven’t seen Game of Thrones this video should get you up to speed for series 6!

















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