25/04/2016 – Bodega Shaman-The Return (2016)

Bodega Shaman might have released 2016’s summer album



Over the years there are a few genres that thisyearinmusic hasn’t really covered. Reggae and R&B/Soul. There is no real reason for this apart from things that have been covered were slight more appealing at the time. Despite not being to back it up with reviews and features, we do listen to quite a bit of each. Not to the level when we can call ourselves connoisseurs or massively knowledgeable, but we do know what we do and don’t like. Today’s track is something that we DO like!



Bodega Shaman’s latest offering, the quasi-instrumental Soaring Phoenix is twenty two tracks, YES 22 TRACKS, of forward thinking laid back Hip-Hop infused, electronic Neo-Soul with jazz leanings. You might think “I don’t have time to listen to twenty two tracks!” but once you press play, you’re transported to a land where crisp beats mingle with pulpous bass and clever vocal samples and time seeps away. Most of the tracks are sub two minutes and due to the nature of the compositions, bouncy bass and rhythmic beats, they zoom past you.



At times the compositions sound frivolous, but it’s a mistake to feel like this. Nothing is slap-dash and aught is left to chance. The real power of these tracks is the space that Bodega created between the swaths of bass, beats and vocals. This space is what gives the tracks their movement and overall enjoyment!



As the summer is just about to hit, this is the perfect album for walks home in the sun, adhoc BBQ’s and impromptu parties. The music is non-aggressive, non-offensive and pro-fun. What’s not to like?















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