24/04/2016 – Guilty by Association-Let’s Go Crazy (2016)

OK, so this weekend ANOTHER legend died. This one was a massive shock as not only was he still performing amazing shows, but he was also still writing and recording good music. I’m sadly talking about Prince.



Like a lot of people my age, who grew up in the 1980’s, Prince was a big part. While I was too small to enjoy first hand his biggest hits I was there to witness his ‘live’ TV broadcasts and Top of the Pops performances. One of the first albums I ever got was the Batman soundtrack on cassette. My parents probably thought a collection of songs written about a man who wears his underwear over his clothes and makes campy one-liners would be a suitable listening experience for a small child. What they didn’t realise is that the film in question was a re-boot of their beloved TV show and the soundtrack wasn’t in the slightest campy.



While I realised at the time that the album wasn’t perfect, I did also realise it was a lot of fun. Minus Scandalous of course as that song will never be fun or good. My standout track was, and possibly of all time is Party Man. Maybe it was because Jack Nicholson’s Joker used the song in the film for comic effect, or because it was totally badass at the time, but I fell in love with it, and in passing Prince. Ove the years my love has waned, but I’ve always gone back to the man in question, which makes his sudden death even more shocking. Like hearing an old school friend has died after not hearing from them for years. You might not know what they are up to currently, but you remember the good times together.



A few weeks ago I stumbled across this compilation album of Prince covers. Guilty By Association’s cover of Lets Go Crazy was the track that ad the most impact. Not only did they have the energy of the original, but they’d added something that was missing. An element of danger and malice. Yes it never quite eclipses the original, but in places it comes very close to equalling it.



We will probably never see anyone like Prince, and I’m totally fine with that as it isn’t the 1980’s anymore, but I will miss the thrill of seeing if an artist can continue an amazing run of albums even after over a decade, or two.















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