23/04/2016 – The Death of Pop-Don’t Bother Me (2016)

The Death of Pop show off their softer side on their new glorious single Don’t Bother Me



The Death of Pop are on a roll! Since 2016’s has started they’ve brought in a ringer on bass, played some flawless gig, writing and recorded the exceptional Locomotive and recorded a cover of Memory Babe for the exceptional We’re All Boo’s comp, and they’ve hinted there is more in the pipeline.



The next of these pipeline tracks has just been released Don’t Bother Me. Instead of coming out of the tracks like a deranged greyhound, as they usually do, Don’t Bother Me takes its time to slowly build exquisite layers of guitars and drums, until an impeccable catchy chorus of “Don’t bother me, I’m still lost, Don’t bother me, ahhhhh-haaaaaaa” washes over you.



This change in pace is a subtle touch, but telling touch. Don’t Bother Me that shows that TDoP can do more than the savage sonic assault we have been recently used. Instead they’ve wrapped the melodies in a gossamer filigree that hugs us like a long lost friend, even though we’ve just met.



Currently TDoP have got us in Pavlovian frenzy every time they’re mentioned. Rumour has it this is going to carry on for the rest of the year. In Don’t Bother Me, TDoP sing “Do you know what you want anymore?” Yes, yes we do. More of this please!















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