22/04/2016 – Fantastic Fantastic-Neon Light (2016)

Australian Swedish Electro Pop titans go all Eastern on new track



Fantastic Fantastic are, well, fantastic. Their brand of forward thinking propulsive electro pop has set them apart from their peers. Their compositions aren’t just chocked full of inventive ideas and stuio tracks, they are, but also rammed with deceptive hooks and melodies. Just listen to their last single Call Me if you want a better idea.



On their latest track, Neon Light, released part of Activia Benz’ fantastic ilovesingles.club saga, takes their blueprint, but somehow increases everything ten-fold. The beats are crisper, the bass throbs with power and everything crackles with pop majesty.



If any of this wasn’t enough, about a quarter of the way through Bakubaku Dokin pops up and delivers some flawless rhymes. Sadly I have no idea what they’re about, please don’t be anything against Human Rights, but they’re delivered with such conviction and poise that they are the stand out moment of Neon Light.



Rumour has it there is a long player in the pipeline and everyone at thisyearinmusic can’t wait for it to drop, if their previous releases are anything to go by!















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  1. Jeanine said:

    Well, that’s an interesting picture! And as always, your descriptions entertain me. I was surprised, though, that you didn’t mention Prince today.

    • Glad that you liked it. I wrote this before I heard the new and I don’t like jumping on band wagons.

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