21/04/2016 – PoweredCows-Don’t Lie in the Sun (2016)

Dorset’s hidden heroes PoweredCows are about to release their opus. You have been warned!



Back in 2012 I went to a gig in a pub in Bournemouth with friends. It was just a load of local bands playing and given previous nights I was looking forward to it. I can’t remember the full line up, but a fledgling band was taking its first steps in to the live circuit. That band was PoweredCows. They were great and on the way home we chatted about seeing them again soon.



Fast forward four years to 2016. Whilst having a well needed cuppa today I saw that PoweredCows had released a new single PoweredCows from their forthcoming album Ways the Universe Could End. I pressed play and the next five minutes were a blur. So pressed play for a second time and again I’d lost another five minutes. We’re not talking X-Files pilot episode here, but due to the glorious noise that emanated from the speakers everything else faded into the ether.



Don’t Lie in the Sun is neo-revivalist-shoegazing. The guitars are big and woozy, the bass swoons all over the like a teenager walking to the bus stop after an exceptional first date and the drums cascade around you like lumps of hail.


Basically it’s amazing.


Basically it’s amazing.


Basically it’s amazing.



The lyrics, at first, wash over you but as you listen more they start to come to the forefront, until you can’t really hear the music at all. At first you think they are about the usual love, loss and rejection that all the best songs are about, but with a heavy lean on the pathos side. Then, after they have sunk in and got under your skin, they start take on new connotations. Is it about a breakdown of a relationship, losing something special or a bereavement? Personally I don’t want to know, but I think I have an idea.



Don’t Lie in the Sun is the first song that PoweredCows have released that fulfils the early promise that was on show in Bournemouth four years ago. 2014’s Laguna showcased how far they had progressed, but Don’t Lie in the Sun, and Ways the Universe Could End, are pushing their sound, and lyrics to new unchartered waters.















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