20/04/2016 – Cat Videos-SOS (Sending Out Signals) (2016)

London’s Cat Videos look set to make a stir, but don’t try Googling them just yet.



Try Googling Cat Videos and see what comes up. Yup that’s right. Videos of cats. Some are funny, some are rubbish and others are sad. If you keep scrolling down you’ll eventually come across a London indie pop quartet. Sounding like Talking Heads being covered by a The Strokes and Two Door Cinema Club super group their music is full of angular riffs and stuttering drums. Needless to say its great music of a picnic in the park.



The only real downside to Cat Videos, apart from not being able to find them online that easily, is that so far in their career it’s all a bit 2-Dimensional. Yes the music is well written and arranged and the duelling guitars is a great touch, but lyrically we’ve heard it all before. But The Strokes never really pushed things forward lyrically did they?



It’s not all doom and gloom though. Cat Videos have recently been added to the BBC: Introducing The South playlist, which is rightly justified. Let’s hope that Cat Videos will flesh out their lyrics the same way they’ve fleshed out their sound, and eventually they’ll be the first result on Google. But if you’ll excuse me I’ve got to finish watching a video of cats failing to jump and getting stuck in vases…


















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