18/04/2016 – MØSS-Pale Seas (2016)

Brighton quintet MØSS channel the spirit of 2008 on debut single



MØSS are new. So new in fact that they only have one song on their soundcloud. Who says thisyearinmusic doesn’t bring the ‘new’ music? This Brighton quintet consist of Luke (vox, synth and guitar), Nick (lead guitar), Balint (synth), Gavin (bass) and Declan (drums). There are elements of Habitats and Foals rolled up in an indie dream pop ball. On the weekend I managed to catch their thirty minute set as part of the Record Store Day event. I wasn’t blown away, but at the same time I didn’t hate it. There was something bubbling under the surface that was intriguing.



Their debut single, Pales Seas, was released on Saturday. After closing the set with it, it only seemed fair to check it out the next day. The main problem with this single version is it doesn’t give the band a decent account of themselves. Live Luke’s vocals has a power to it, when he sings you stop chatting and listen, here however this power and emotion has been lost. Then same can be said for Nick’s guitar. Live there appeared to be a free element of improvisation in places, but here its rigid and contrived.



The jury is still out on MØSS, as this is their debut track they need to iron out some issues in the studio, but they do hint at having something lurking in the background that could be very exciting. However at times Pales Seas sounds like a stripped back Two Door Cinema Club album track. While there isn’t anything wrong with this, you want a bit more than Topshop Pop don’t you?















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  1. Nick – I am amazed at the array of music which you share! I always come back from your site knowing a little more and experiencing music I would not have! Thanks for sharing!

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