17/04/2016 – Squid-Perfect Teeth (2016)

Squid shine at Brighton’s Record Store Day all dayer!



Yesterday was Record Store Day. For some of you these might just be some random words that have been thrown together, others might start grinning at the thought of the lovely things your bought yesterday and some of you might chide me for mentioning something that is now just a way for major labels to flog records no one asked for in the first place. Whatever your response it happened yesterday.



In recent years I have gotten up at the crack of dawn, jumped on a tube, stood outside a small shop in Notting Hill for hours only to walk away with a couple of hundred grams of plastic. This year however I adopted to do something different. I woke up at normal time, had a nice cuppa and at about 10.30 left for my nearest record shop. The plan was to meet with a photographer, observe and talk to people about their experiences and if I could get, the one record I wanted and one for a friend who doesn’t live near a record shop. When I got to the record shop, Resident in Brighton, the queue was pretty big. I decided to head to another shop I knew was partaking. Luckily this shop wasn’t busy at all and had plenty of stock, and luckily the one record I wanted. After buying this and talking to the shop owner, I went back to Resident. It was now about 11:15. The queue hadn’t really moved and was as long as it was before. After meeting up with the photographer we spent a good couple of hours chatting to people about their purchases and how they felt about the day.


At half one I left the photographer as our job was done, plus the weather had turned and we were wet and cold from a freak hail shower. He was staying out with friends, but was going to take more pictures of he saw people with purchases in pubs. I, on the other hand was going to an all-day gig. The line-up was full of 20 of the best and most diverse Brighton bands. Needless to say I had a great time and it was the perfect antidote to the somewhat crass and over commercialised morning. I won’t name all the bands I saw and how much I enjoyed them all, but for different reasons, but I will just mention one band that I really engaged with. Squid.



Squid are a quartet that combines jazz, post-rock, rhythmic indie and dance elements to create music that pulsates, crackles and fractures why it challenges your conception of what music should be. Basically they are a post-rock version of the Portico Quartet. During their thirty minute set Squid showcased not just their musicianship and ability at arrangement. This is showcased on their most recent song Perfect Teeth. A slow burning instrumental full of breaks that flaunt their capacity for improvisation. It’s one of the best songs of the year so far!















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  1. An interesting read. Its also great to see many vinyl LP’s in demand

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